Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Training on Xbox live for ssf4AE :D
Today i got raped by this japanese Cody "wk8900" :(
Played 4 matches with him in Rank Match , but only won 1 game :(
These are the videos ^_^

But after inviting him to Endless Match ,
I think i learnt alot of Cody matchup experience from him
Now i feel alot more comfortable with the Cody matchup ^_^ 

This picture of Yun rocks !! ^_^


  1. Sick Yun you have. I hope to learn a lot from you. There is this one mix up you did to Claw in the corner in your last saved match in ranked. It was mp,fp, back+fp (target combo), xx focus cancel, st. mp, (reset), lp.shoulder...

    I can't get the St.Mp to connect at all 2 connect. How did you do it?, lol.

  2. Erm.. i didnt know which video but i just plinked the standing mp and there's no trick to it besides getting the timing right , however if u really cant do it , you can change the standing mp into standing lk , its much easier ^_^

  3. Awesome thanks! I will try both.