Sunday, 17 July 2011

Still Uploading the KOG Videos :(
I Just finish Crosscounter Asia Episode 1 ^_^
So here's the link

Crosscounter Asia Excellent Adventures is on the way editing :D
Stay Tuned and shoutout to Gooteck and Mike Ross ^_^
If there is any questions you wish to ask me please post it here ^_^
I will answer every single question as soon as i see it  ^_^


  1. You already know my fellow Yun comrade, when will the Yun guide be ready? I watched this already, but I plan to watch it a few more times. I don't know why, but I'm hooked on this character, more so than my main from vanilla and super (Ken)

  2. dont worry dude i will post it as long as everything is finish editing by mike ross and gootecks ^)^

  3. Awesome! You by far are the most helpful top player I have come across. Always willing to answer questions ( I know I've had many over the last few days on here & XBL, lol ) I really appreciate it. I suffered a long string of bad loses & I realize that I do not know any match ups, like I do with Ken/Ryu. : (

  4. no worry thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

  5. I honestly feel this is the best episode of Cross Counter I like how indepth you guys went into the match. On another note Xian what do you look for in the dictator match up most yuns here cant beat my dictator and I would like to help them out.So what do you think of the match up?