Thursday, 14 July 2011

Another day of training but only about 1 hour today :(
Played with probably the best T-hawks , FuzzyPhi And KOG ^_^
Starting to get more familiar with the T-hawk matchups already ;)
Will be uploading 1 KOG video later ^_^


  1. What do you do when you train? Is it match up practice on XBL or execution & practicing set ups, etc...

    Also, how do u come up with your set ups, safe jumps & resets? I need an idea on where to start. I'm still trying to get the right inputs for the OS lunge punch & the st.MP for viper...

  2. matchup experience on XBL is most important, because only by knowing wat your opponent is able to do , you can bait and react to their attacks and get to another level :D
    Execution you should definenely have to perfect it in the training room :D
    you should always copy setups , safe jumps and resets from top players in any part of the world ^_^ until you feel that you are able to come out with your own :D The rest is just practice , like OS , you really need to just practice , and sooner or later it will be finger memory :D