Monday, 11 July 2011

Shadowloo 2k11 is over ^_^
I gotten 7th in the tournament 
I lost to Uryo in the winner bracket and Tokido in the loser brackets :(
I won Mago in the winner bracket and Mov in the loser brackets :)
Below are the clips , Uryo and Mov matches was not recorded unfortunately :(

Shadowloo 2k11 Mvc3 Singles
I got 4th in the tournament with magneto , wesker and akuma :D
The winners are tokido(1st) , mago(2nd) and tom(3rd)

Below here is the interview of me from Gamespot (Great thanks to Jonathan teo)

Here's the link

I am very happy at the results and i hope to do better in Evo 2k11
Lets look forward to it  ^_^


  1. Hi Xian, I watched your performance on Shadowloo Showdown, awesome performance in SSFAE & MVC :)

    Anyway, currently I'm learning magneto, and I trying to learn my bread n butter / staple combo. I look into mago bnb, because my team dont have OTG assist :( so I want to learn his bnb so I can get the grav loop...

    If I'm not mistaken, his combo breakdown like this: launcher, SJ H, ADDF H, ground cr. H, S, SJ H ADF H xx fly, L H ADF H reps... and I lost after this... his kinda did ADDF H then Ground H xx grav

    is that breakdown right? I always fail to connect the last ADDF H, also... is it possible do ADDF H during fly? maybe I input in the wrong way so it couldn't come up very fast

    need help xian, thanks :)

  2. Sorry luxied because i am into evo at that moment didnt notice about your comments , do you mind pming me in facebook? i will answer it on facebook thanks !!
    Sorry and cheers !!