Sunday, 12 May 2013

yoooo ok its been half a year since i post ..  i am back in singapore now and probably will be kinda free for a month before travelling again ..Thanks  everybody for always supporting me .. i appreciates it. As you guys can see i change the title from to ..

Reason was my twitter account was using the nick XIANMSG , so i guess i should just use xianmsg so people who wants to find me , can find me easier.. Then i also i felt that i have been playing so much marvel and other games , its not only street fighter 4 so i guess thats more of an appropriate title..

Even though this blog as been around for pretty long , i dont really post alot of opinion about players or even myself. I have been thinking alot recently and sometimes i felt coming back to blog may be a good way since i can keep track and remeber it better too .. Moving on from here , my next major is probably CEO , SOUTH SEA ASIA MAJOR and then EVO if everything goes wrong ..

I have been practicing this 2 days in training mode and i realise how long i haven been into the lab with Gen. Haven really do anything new and has been using same tricks that are very gimmicky though , i play around alot with the mantis hands fadc trying out new possibilties.. Will see if i can figure out some dirty stuff in a month 

As for Marvel , i played even much more as i think there are alot of things i can practice.. i was practicing the TAC infinite for morrigan as i felt i actually do met in few situations where i cant kill my opponent and if i had learn how to do the Morrigan TAC infinite could have made a big difference , I didnt learned the mid-screen 1 though thanks to Shady K for actually reminding me that my characters are so cheap that they are usually corner to corner carrier so i am fine hahahha

I practice alot more for Dr doom as well as i felt it was my weakest character , i learn new hit confirms and extended combos too .. Picking Doom as my point character while playing casuals to improve my movement and knowing what to do/deal with other characters. I always get caught in situations where my doom couldnt do anything at all but only waste X factor level 3 and get bodied. I hope i can bring out a better DOOM for the next major i am attending..

To my surprise after i came back , there are actually quite some players playing INJUSTICE .. i went back to tough cookie gaming cafe and see most of them playing it.. As i felt it was more toward Mortal Kombat , i was amazed by so many players actually picking up the game and seem pretty good at it. Unfortunately , i am not playing this game as i already tell myself that i wanna concentrate on the 3 main games especially Marvel and Street Fighter 4..

Yes i am also dropping SF x Tekken and i wont be joining it for the next few majors i am probably attending until maybe after EVO. The main reason was because alot of players are very strong in this version and i haven been practicing this game for sometime , other reasons also include singapore not having more than 3 players playing it so it would be really hard for me to do well , unless i have to spend alot of effort mastering most of the cast or watching videos. I guess i probably choose to concentrate on other games better hahahaha

SOUTH EAST ASIA (SEA) MAJOR suprisingly has alot of international people coming over , i am so excited for this as i wanna see how my singapore mates would do against them .. So far the players that are almost confirmed are Justin Wong , Mike Ross , Yubiken (japanese players Kiyouchiken , Shin , R and others ) Kim 1234 .. Gamerbee from Taiwan will also be attending with his fellow Taiwan players , Their KOF 13 looking really good now so i am kinda looking forward to play them as well .. Not to forget Neighbourhood countries from Malaysia , Indonesia , Philipiness , Thailand will be having lots of top players coming over as well !!

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