Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Latest thrailer for SEA MAJOR 2013 !!

I am excited , are you?

I cant believe i am actually heading on to Kuwait for a tournament this fri , will be leaving as soon as thursday which is tomorrow lol.. this is really last minute though.. its a road to evo i think? 

The last time i went Kuwait was in feb , it was really a great experience because you know i thought of only camels and desert there .. so to my suprise it wasnt LOL and the people were all so nice and sincere .. this probably makes 1 of the biggest reason why i am heading there..

Another thing why i wanna go was because i wanna practice more sf and marvel as after i came back from america and japan , i didnt really get to play good opponents and personally i think kuwait have at least a handful of top players i can practice with .. Marvel level was suprisingly very good as well so i can play more if not i think i am gotta get rusty by the time my next major comes hahaha

I am always worried about tournaments being laggy , to be honest if i didnt went kuwait before i definely would have miss this trip .. because for some reason tournaments being ps3 or xbox is kinda fine with me as even though it makes a difference , its still manageable as i do play time from time , sometimes ps3 sometimes xbox , more xbox though.. but the last time i went it was very good , no lag nothing at all makes me feel no worries about this issue..

Because the players there are pretty good too , at least even if something cropped up i can tell them .. maybe something like erm.. the stream station lags. I dont like to complaint but at least when shit like this happens , the last thing i wanna face is the players or organisers itself doesnt feel that it lags LOL , well i am just ranting though , i know kuwait players can definely tell if it lags or not and i felt they are quite professional when it comes to these kinda stuff..

The tournament is probably going to be stream , its on friday 17th may but i cant be sure of the exact time though .. but you can check my twitter @XIANMSG for more updates.. I am now practicing ps3 timing as well , i suck at ps3 though LOL too used to xbox timing , but wont take me long to adjust i believe hehehe

Alot of people has been asking me what i want for 2013 Gen , Honestly i do just hope he remain the way he is , nothing much i wanna ask cos i felt he still has potential but just that execution is blocking the way of him rising higher.. but well everybody has a wish list right? Here i go ..

1. Further range and less Recovery on the mantis hands .. you know its really irritating when i do crouch mp into hands at far range and it doesnt connect or sometimes opponent crouching and they can block it (not a combo) .. It definely is not too much to ask for because the hands is only for combos , not really much use outside of that so i guess is fair..

Less Recovery on hands is obvious because i dont want fei long to rekka me on block .. whats worse is ex rekka is a punish even if i hit them, that dont make sense right hahaha its -7 on hit now and more than -9 on block .. so maybe can just change it just a little? maybe -6 on hit and -7 on block? Alot of characters can punish my hands now like ibuki ultra 2 , blanka ultra 2  .. Adon ultra 1 and more .. So its kinda irritating hahaha

2.Light kick gekiro .. Uppercut that doesnt looks like uppercut .. why not just make it more punishable in exchange of proper invincibility so i can uppercut idoits who keep jumping on me? Ahahhahaha

3.Rolling attack .. Come on make it -2 , why make it -3? I cant do it on so many characters .. its not even like that move is godlike , its just a stupid move to gain meter and make people block .. But i guess -3 i can accept it because gen has a little advantage over shoto characters.. but other characters with 3 frame can punish me :(

4.Ultra 2 .. I felt if you could make it so that once it hits , it goes into full animation .. because its already no guarantee damage .. so maybe change it so i can use it as an anti air? Also AIR ultra 2 , is probably mainly used against fireball characters.. its so hard to do it because of the slight height retriction , and i have to tiger knee it .. why not make it no height restriction like yoga shagrila? i dont have that fast reaction you know .. i am a old man..

5.Ultra 1 , This ultra is only use for super then ultra , hahahaha i dont see alot of uses for it..but its about 10frame start up .. even when opponent press something my ultra is too slow to hit them , they always recover in time.. maybe can change it to 8 frame? I will make the game very exciting cos i will do alot of random ultra if you make it 8 frame , now even opponent press something , my ultra doesnt hit damn...

Oh hey i talk about so much BUFFS , and you guys know me i am such a fair person .. Lets talk about some nerf k , Gen has so many strong points as well we should say about nerf too so it doesnt get overpowered..

End of today , IF YOU REALLY THINK I WILL TALK ABOUT NERFING MY OWN CHARACTER , of cos i only want BUFF. I never win big prize money before , so if i TALK ABOUT NERFING MY OWN CHARACTER , how you gotta expect me to win?

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