Monday, 20 May 2013

In Kuwait !!

Nothing changed much in Kuwait , Everybody was still very nice to me and i have been here for already a few days .. Won the sf4 and Marvel tournament , was really happy .. However , There are quite some top players who didnt join the tournament as they are not going to EVO .. I lost to Aziz in the winners but was glad i am able to comeback in the grand finals..

First day ,  I arrived to Kuwait and Mohammed came to pick me up , it was great to see him again after so long and things were as usual , we had much fun. This trip i stayed at his house , it was really comfortable so i had a great time , I went to whitetower the first day as well and some sets with the top players .. Everything was great i learnt matchups that i wasnt really that familiar , Especially against Cammy and Guy.. Nox2 left a great impression as his guy is probably 1 of the best i fought , i was impressed..

Day 2 was the tournament , i went to the venue .. it was the the same venue as the last time KO during feb .. it was a very nice venue like a theatre .. I felt a sigh of relive after the tournament because i managed to do well especially in Marvel , A game i wanted to improve so much.. i managed to beat players that i completely get dominated the last time i came like DR Mysterious , DeadFish .. Nemesis/Chris player and so onn.. it was a  great day and i had some great food ^^

Day 3  i was playing alot of sets for street fighter , FT 5 and FT 3 .. i managed to win most of them until a random wildcard appear , an ONI player. I didnt really have much experience so i was trying to adapt on the spot against him , eventually i lost but i felt i learnt the matchup better , he was a great player so good gamess.. i nearly get destroyed by Mann Yun as well , luckily i fraud it out hahahha. Real talk everybody knows right i hate YUN hahaha because i play Gen and i felt this is my hardest matchup..  I also lost to Aziz Ken 0_o it was his second main character .. He kinda expose how bad i was with the matchup with Ken LOL .. didnt really know what to do .. managed to get abit more idea at the later games but i was already destroyed .. Hope to play more with him , it will be good practice.. The last time i came Kuwait i lost to Kiyuochuken as well another top Ken player in Japan .. So this Ken experience i am getting will definely benefit me ^_^

I also played some FT 10 for marvel , with the top players here .. it was good i managed to do well against most of them.. but there was one player i didnt really had an idea what to do against which was a Dr Strange Modok player.. I was just getting random hits hahaha

Day 4 i played only FT 10 marvel sets .. As usual the top player DR Mysterious , deadfish and all of them came down to play me. I got destroyed by Dr Mysterious today , he managed to adapt and figure out what to do against me .. i played 2 sets with him against him and lost both , it was good games but i go back and think about think it and see if i can play him again .. I had fun in those sets :) .. As expected i lost to the Dr strange player today , although it was close score .. but still i didnt had a clear idea how to deal with it .. Was asking Shady K for advice after day 3 .. it did turn out a little better and i know more of what to do and deal with it .. but still i keep getting zone out and got hit by the teleports .. AHhhh i feel like talking marvel so much but sometimes i dont know who i can talk to .. or ask advice .. DIdnt wanna bother people too much haiz.. These kuwait players despite beating me , but they still gave me tips and advice on how to deal with their characters .. Really nice people i felt so welcome here .. it was fun , but i will get stronger and try to comeback the next time !!

Today i just found out my flight is not leaving tomorrow but thursday .. I didnt check for the whole while cos i am lazy.. But that douchebag got it wrong too till Cameraman told me -_-" 

Its great because that means i can get more practice again !! i am salty i am gotta run it back to everybody i lost to  arghhhhhhhhhhhh..

Wait .. Too much games .. Haven been playing so much in a few days.. TIme to go to the mall to do some sightseeing and shoping .. Good food here i come .. will update you guys more ^_^

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  1. More practice is good, but you should take the time to visit since you're there liao.