Monday, 27 May 2013

Today i remeber something today which i feel like blogging it , i dont really know if i am right though.. I seen alot of people pressing pause in a tournament .. i didnt know but i always felt like they probably accidentally press it by mistake..

It finally happened the first time to me in a tournament , i was playing against aziz from kuwait when i got stunned by his cammy .. i wasnt struggling and halfway through his combo , pause came out.. it was the black screen (when you need to hold on to the home button at ps3 about 2 sec) , i was like oh its ok you can continue ..then i realise omg its me who pressed the home button -_-" kinda embarassing but i just continue let aziz hit me to death for that round since i am already almost dead..

Then something came up to my mind.. how the hell did i press or even hold on the home button when i am not even struggling or pressing anything? The worse part was even if i really accidentally touch the home button .. it should comes out as the transparent screen section( where you can sign in and pick games ) , it definely shouldnt be this black screen with controlling settings because thats kinda impossible for somebody to hold on home button while getting hit..

Then i start remebering times where i saw people with the wtf face , when pause came out of nowhere in a tournament and they are like .. i didnt press anything wth.. i dont know if its the joystick problem or some wireless pad connected to it that connected to it as well resulting in that.. i couldnt understand what going on .. well , this issue doesnt really bother me , but just wanna say it hahahhah

Had some great kof 13 section with jackson today ..
Preparing my Gen for EVO as well..
Playig alot around with Oni as well , it was fun :)


  1. I think its someone trolling with a wireless remote or controller...... :/ at evo they should get like 20 ps3 controllers and just connect it all so theres no more space for other people to connect lol

  2. Look forward to watching you kick ass at EVO! I was wondering why you play Gen, went to do some quick googling but I didn't find the answer. Is it just because he's interesting to use or is there something else?