Monday, 20 May 2013

Guess what , i didnt did much today since i realise i have 3 more days hahaha
Went to the mall eat with Mann , Gvoice and Douchebag.. We slept pretty much late because we were watching ECT the night before..Congrats to Jwong for taking AE .. Marvel Top 8 i gotta say its really exciting .. I not gotta spoilt it , you guys go watch :)

Played some KOF 13 today .. Its been sometime since i play , but i had fun playing.. then eventually went on the play SF4 sets FT 5 , so much practice with different matchups so everything was good.. We went to eat at some good restaurant after that , the lamb was so fantastic .. I guess i cant lost weight here -_-"

We went back to White Tower after that .. and i played my first set with Bahbahani .. OMG i got to say i was so impressed with this guy ..
Cos i lost 0-5 to his Ryu .. i swear i didnt really feel that tired but i just dunno what to do against him .. he read me well .. outzoned me .. footsies and fireball was on point .. blocked most of the jump ins .. i was lost..
All of a sudden i feel like playing this game alot , because its not like i didnt know the Ryu matchup.. but i know it so well that i didnt thought i actually would lose 5 games straight to a Ryu player =_=

I cant even say i am salty cos i am not LOL , i didnt know what to do .. Though i got to run it back , but after this 2 sets with Bahbahani ryu , i felt like my matchup knowledge against Ryu once again goes up .. it feel so good..

I also played sets with Ganoon , Aziz and Mann..
Ganoon Sakura is sooooo tricky..... His setups were very orginality which i didnt see any 1 use before .. hahah but somehow i did watch his videos before so i managed to recognise some of them , it was a good set .. my defence level up again..

Aziz played cammy against me , i start to understand alot more on what to do against this character ..  But i felt my mixups were pretty limited against cammy .. Maybe its time to hit the lab to get more setups..

Then i played with Mann , i actually didnt knew he played Ibuki .. To be honest i was also kinda impress with his ibuki because i know this matchup really well .. I played so much with Vincent Cheah (My singapore homie) , a top ibuki player in my country so i know this matchup really really well , and Gen has so many unblockables against ibuki so it wassnt that hard too.. but we went almost even , he was winning some i was winning some.. Mann combos with ibuki is very on point , didnt drop much against me and his mixups i got hit pretty much , it was different but it was a good experience.. TIll the later part of the set he started dropping more combos though..

Ok tomorrow we gotta head to the Grand Ave with Bahbahani , Mann , Douchebag and Gannon .. the longest mall in the middle east , kinda looking forward to it.. time to sleep if not i definely not gotta wake up tomorrow LOL

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