Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Its been a long time since my last tournament! 2 days from now i am once again back to travelling! My first stop this time will be Austin Texas

SXSW Fighters 16 man invitational!
$20 000 on the line and you can see more information right here


Next will be final round at atlanta for the capcom pro tour premier event
As this is the first cpt premier event , seems like everyone is heading for this too.. i haven been to final round for a long time and hope to see you guys there!


Final Round will be my next stop! Heard the whole topanga crew will be going there as well as infiltration , kazunoko and kit (best dj from japan) .. this may be the hardest one but i am looking forward to it 

Next trip is the whole await Redbull Kumite!
Dont forget to check out this photos from Mark Teo Photography!
I really like these pictures :p

The full line up are shown above!
The last 2 slots will go to an open qualifer right before the event!

I just did the whole interview with redbull as well you can check it out at the link right below , i am so looking forward to this trip!
Dont forget to check it out too!


And well since i am already in Paris , i will probably go to the Hypespotting in Scotland Glasgow as well. This year its gotta be another Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event and i cant wait to see all the other players around the world flying over too!

This may actually be one of my long travelling trips with $15 000 minimum prize pot for this 4 events , definely i hope to do well as i am very prepared this time. So dont count me out and i hope to see you guys all around the world!

Oh and right after i got another invitational.. with very strong lineups.. but i shall not reveal now hahaha time to pack my luggage for 2-3 weeks .. See all of you guys soon!


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